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 Tuesday, September 02, 2008
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It's been a while, but we've gotten several new things into Machine.Specifications (MSpec). I'm excited to finally release them for everyone to start playing with. You can grab the bits here.

Let's talk about what's new though. Here's an example of a new context/spec:

  [Concern("Console runner")]
  public class when_specifying_a_missing_assembly_on_the_command_line
    Establish context = ()=>
      console = new FakeConsole();
      program = new Program(console);

    Because of = ()=>
      exitCode = program.Run(new string[] {missingAssemblyName});

    It should_output_an_error_message_with_the_name_of_the_missing_assembly = ()=>

    It should_return_the_Error_exit_code = ()=>

    const string missingAssemblyName = "Some.Missing.Assembly.dll";
    public static ExitCode exitCode;
    public static Program program;
    public static FakeConsole console;

There have been a few semantic changes

  • The Description attribute has been removed. There is now an optional Concern attribute that allows you to specify a type and/or a string that the context/spec is concerned with.
  • Context before_each is now Establish context.
  • Context before_all is now Establish context_once.
  • Context after_each is now Cleanup after_each.
  • Context after_all is now Cleanup after_each.
  • When {...} is now Because of. This is closer to SpecUnit.NET's verbage, and doesn't force you to specify the "when" twice.

There is now a console runner

We don't quite have all the options we want yet, but the basics of the runner are working. Here's the help from the runner:

We also stole Bellware's SpecUnit.NET reporting stuff and ported it over. You can now generate a report on your specs with the --html switch. Here's an example run:

This is the report it generates.

Want to try it out?

  1. Grab the drop here.
  2. Extract it somewhere. Put it somewhere semi-permanent because the TestDriven.NET runner will need a static location for the MSpec TDNet Runner.
  3. If you want TestDriven.NET support, run InstallTDNetRunner.bat
  4. Check out the example in Machine.Specifications.Example. Note that you can run with TD.NET.
  5. Create a project of your own. Just add Machine.Specifications.dll and get started.
  6. Send me feedback! Leave comments, email me, tweet me, whatever.

Also, this is part of Machine, so feel free to take a look at the code and/or submit patches. There's also a Gallio adapter in there, but I didn't include it in the release as it's not quite polished enough yet. If you're interested in it, talk to me. Special thanks to Scott Bellware, Jeff Brown and Jamie Cansdale for their help and support. Also, extra special thanks to Eleutian's newest dev, Jeff Olson for much of the recent work that has gone into MSpec!